Office of the Registrar

Graduating Students at Commencement Ceremony

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar. We are here to help you register for classes, request a transcript, and many other activities.  

The Registrar's Office maintains all student academic records including:

  • Registration
  • Enrollment
  • Final Grades

We process transient requests, issue transcripts, verification of enrollment, major changes, and monitor student progress through graduation.

Thank you for visiting. Please use the Contact Us link to inquire about any problems you encounter. The Office of the Registrar works diligently to provide an unprecedented commitment to maintaining accurate academic records for all students; prompt, professional, and courteous service to the University community; and in addition interpret and maintain compliance of governmental, Board of Regents, and institutional policies and procedures for the University community and the general public. 

Degree Verifications

The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171